As your single source for all your printing and direct mail needs, the Postal Express lettershop has the equipment and experience to handle all the creative, printing, mailing and computer services you will need for a successful direct marketing campaign.

MAILING Services
Our mailing services insure your project is addressed, processed and mailed as planned. We keep up with the ever changing postal regulations and requirements to give you the most efficient mail processing and postage rates at the lowest possible cost.

We provide:
Labeling - Cheshire & pressure sensitive
Direct Impression addressing
Personalized ink jetting of newsletters, invoices, correspondence and more
Inserting - 1, 2, 3, 4 or more pieces
Sealing & metering
Live stamp affixing
Name address match - 2, 3, 4 pieces
ZIP code sorting - bar coding
Post Office delivery
Fulfillment and warehousing
Mechanical insert pieces up to 9" x 12"
Hand insert all sizes

Our creative efforts are designed to attract your audience to your message as well as obtain a response. We'll create your layout and copy utilizing state-of-the-art graphic techniques and equipment to achieve the finest quality printed product.

The main criteria for successful direct mailing is the list—the best offer with the finest prices will not pull a response if mailed to the wrong audience. You must target your market with the most accurate and up-to-date mailing lists available and we can help with our targeted lists.

Available Lists:
Business, Residential
Response, Recency, Frequency
Demographic - Income, Size, Age
Vehicle Make, Age, Title
S.I.C., Sales, Employee Size
National, State, SCF, Zip Code
Resident, Family with Children
Mortgage, Credit History

On-time, coordinated and cost-effective printing calls for planning and execution, and that's where we excel!

We can help you produce the most response-generating direct marketing materials-whether you're building traffic, creating awareness, or selling direct. All done in 1 to 4 color printing. And done when you need it!

Our printing services can provide you with everything you need:
Brochures, Newsletters, Reports
Catalogs, Price Lists
Announcements, Invitations
Posters, Banners, Etc.

We also use the most up-to-date equipment and programs to handle all your creative, administrative and printing needs. Our computer hardware is specially designed to do what has to be done to help you accomplish your goals.

We can provide you with:
File Maintenance & management
Diskette & tape conversion
Merge/Purge & dup elimination
Laser imaging & impact printing
Direct address & label printing
Carrier route & ZIP sorting
Addressing CASS
PAVE certification
Customer reports & programs